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Boringdon Primary School

Boringdon Primary School


Our most recent OFSTED inspection was in November 2023. Inspectors commented:

'Pupils are proud of their learning. They are positive about their work and learn well. This positivity starts in Reception where children quickly develop confidence and independence. They sustain interest in activities well, which sets them up with the stamina needed for key stage 1. Throughout the school, pupils listen well to one another. They take turns and collaborate well.

Pupils are polite and respectful. They know the rules and understand that their actions have consequences. Pupils feel that adults use the new behaviour policy consistently and fairly. If there are incidents that worry them, they trust adults to sort them out effectively.

Relationships are strong. Pupils and parents value the pastoral support from the school. Robust management of attendance ensures that pupils come to school regularly so that they do not miss important learning.

Pupils participate in a wide range of clubs and activities that broaden their interests. They know how being active helps their physical and mental health. They are proud of the charitable work they do. This contributes to their development as responsible citizens.'