Photographs / Publicity

Consent for Photographic & Video Images
You may be aware that there are new data protection rules (GDPR) which came into effect in 2018. To ensure we are meeting the new requirements, we have recently sought new consents from parents for all photos and videos that may be taken during the course of the school year. If circumstances have changed and you would like to alter your previous wishes, please complete the attached form and resubmit to school or pop into the office.
We always take a photograph of your child each year for identification and safety purposes and this is stored on our information management system. These photos fall outside of this consent as they enable us to perform the contract we have entered into with pupils/parents relating to the provision of education and to deliver education in accordance with public interest.
We sometimes however, take other photos of pupils which we use to give people an idea of what life is like in school. It is these photos for which we require consent.
Please note that photos and videos taken by parents, such as those at sports days and Christmas shows, are counted as 'personal' use and are not covered by GDPR. Your photos however, must not be shared on any social media in line with our Social Media policy.