We want our children to look forward to each school day. Spending an inordinate amount of time the previous evening doing homework is liable to dampen enthusiasm. Equally there is a need for children to develop the habit of working away from school and to understand that learning does not only happen within school.

Homework is set on a regular basis for all children and increases as children move up the school. We consider homework to be valuable support in that it encourages independent study, develops perseverance and discipline and provides an essential link between home and school. We look to parents to support this and to become actively involved in their child’s learning. Our Homework Policy can be accessed below. The policy does contain guidelines for the length of time children should spend on their homework. Obviously some children will complete their homework in less time than suggested in the policy. Equally some children will be unable to complete a piece of homework in the suggested time. If this is the case please encourage them to do as much as they are able and hand it in partially complete.