Our school has a well-deserved reputation of providing an outstanding education for all of our pupils. We were judged by OFSTED to be outstanding in the previous two inspections, however, funding through national policy has shifted to areas which are seen as “more socially deprived”. Our area is not seen as socially deprived, however, we feel that it consists of very caring, hard-working families, all struggling to meet the ever-increasing costs of supporting themselves. This however does have a huge impact on the funding we receive.
This means that we have to make sure that we spend our limited resources well and we do this by concentrating our expenditure on making sure that your children are taught by excellent teachers and support staff and by making very careful decisions about the resources and services we buy. This is demonstrated by the financial reports below.
Previously part of Plym Academy Trust,  we became part of Westcountry Schools Trust on  1st September 2019.