Behaviour / Anti-Bullying

Aims and expectations

It is a primary aim of our school that every member of the school community feels valued and respected, and that each person is treated fairly and well. We are a caring community, whose values are built on mutual trust and respect for all. The school behaviour policy is therefore designed to support the way in which all members of the school can work together in a supportive way. It aims to promote an environment where everyone feels happy, safe and secure. We see that the need for good behaviour underpins many areas including:

· Keeping healthy – involves making appropriate choices.

· Staying safe – a safe child is behaving responsibly and all adults have a responsibility to act appropriately around children.

· Making a positive contribution – positive behaviour is modelled and acquired by children as they in turn make positive contributions for themselves or for the group.

· Enjoying and achieving – good behaviour is essential in the achievement and realisation of a child’s potential and from which enjoyment comes.

· Developing economic wellbeing – society expects good behaviour as an outcome of the educational process.

Within the school community, all adults will encourage children to be polite, thoughtful of others, respectful and well behaved. Adults will model these behaviours to set an example and frequently discuss acceptable behaviours in assemblies and during class time. Catching someone ‘doing right’ is more effective than remonstrating with someone for ‘doing wrong’. We aim for:

· All adults to have high expectations of behaviour and conduct.

· Children to be respectful towards each other and all adults within our school.

· Children to be self-disciplined and have high standards of behaviour.

· Zero tolerance of any form of bullying (see Anti-Bullying policy)


The school rules are;

Be Kind, Be Respectful, Be your Best.