Behaviour / Anti-Bullying

The establishment of good behaviour and sound relationships is crucial to the success of individuals, the welfare and safety of both children and staff, and the school in general. We aim to raise children’s self-esteem and for every child to feel valued.

Our Golden Books, Smiley Faces, House Points, Certificates and the way we value children’s out of school and at-home activities, all contribute to a sense of ownership and high expectation.

We have a balanced system of rewards and sometimes sanctions, within a positive community atmosphere. It is our aim to promote a sense of self-discipline and proper regard for authority. Problems of discipline in the day to day life of the children are normally a matter of discussion with a child to improve behaviour. For most children, the most effective sanction is a reprimand from the class teacher, or the withdrawal of playtime, by a member of staff who has a warm relationship with the child. The child then knows he/ she is ‘out of favour’ with someone who values him/her.

However, in the event of persistent trouble or serious difficulties, the child’s parents would be consulted, with the aim of developing a joint approach to the problem to improve matters. In the unlikely event that it is considered necessary to suspend a child, it would be done strictly in accordance with the procedure laid down by the Education Authority.

Physical control of a child is not used unless there are exceptional circumstances. It may be exercised in order to prevent harm to him/ herself or others, prevent damage to property or exclude a child from a place to which he/she has been forbidden access.

The number of rules we have in school are explicit and designed to promote a successful learning environment within a harmonious community. The process of growing towards self-discipline is based on the idea that children understand the purpose of the rules and the consequence for others if they are broken.

Our rules aim for the children to:
– Be sensible and polite at all times
– Be kind, gentle and good friends
– Always respect other people’s feelings and property
– Be at school on time and wear school uniform
– Always work and do their best
– Always take pride in their work, their appearance and the school.

We aim for a well-ordered society in our school. Personal relationships and a sense of community are emphasised so as to foster a feeling of self-discipline, co-operation and understanding. We offer equality of opportunity for the whole school community. A copy of our Relationships in School Policy is available from the School Office.

We do not tolerate bullying in any form and act on any incidences immediately. Children know that if any individual is hurting them either emotionally or physically, they can tell any adult and it will be dealt with without delay. A copy of the Anti-Bullying policy is available from the School Office or on this website.

Children are encouraged to treat the school as their daytime home, having respect for others, and material items within the school. Should children non-accidentally damage school property, parents will be informed and a request made for payment for repair or replacement.