Attendance & Emergency Closure

Regular attendance and punctuality are very important if children are to achieve their educational potential. Parents have a legal responsibility to ensure that this happens.
If your child is unable to come to school, we must be informed by a responsible adult by 9.30 a.m. on the morning of the first day of absence. Acceptable reasons for absence are sickness, medical/dental treatment, bereavement, religious observance, exclusion and external exams. Such absences are considered ‘authorised’.
Leave of absence can only be granted in exceptional circumstances. Requests for all known absences must be made on the appropriate form, available from the School Office or downloaded from this site.
‘Unauthorised’ absences are those for which permission is not granted or for which an explanation is not received - children may be considered to have ‘truanted’.
What should I do if I am late?
Late arrivals after 9.00 a.m. must report their presence to the Office and as a matter of courtesy explain the reason for their late arrival in school.
Regular and habitual lateness for school is not acceptable as it :
  • Conveys a message to the other children that lateness is acceptable.
  • Disadvantages your child educationally because they then do not know what to do and they have to catch up.
  • Disrupts teaching time when lessons have already started.
  • Involves the remarking of registers.
  • Affects the provision of school meals.
In the event of adverse/severe weather conditions etc. should the school have to close, this information will be posted on the school website and broadcast on Heart Radio and Radio Devon. Also, parents will receive a message via text and or email from Schoolcomms/Gateway - the following number will appear on your screen: 01752395013.
Attendance Data – School Year 2020/21
Number of children of compulsory school age on roll for at least one session 425
Percentage of attendance 97.4%
Percentage number of unauthorised absences 0.2%
Percentage number of authorised absences 2.4%